Company Profile

Zakhem International S.A. is a major international Construction, Engineering and Investment Group of Companies founded in 1963 in Lebanon to meet the expanding construction needs of the Middle East and Africa.

Zakhem, a family owned group of companies, has since inception not only achieved its initial objectives but has expanded operations with offices in four continents - in Beirut, London, Houston and Nairobi including branches and other offices in those continents.

The Zakhem Group has for over thirty six years served the petrochemical industry and through its world wide branches has established an international reputation in the fields of engineering and construction of onshore pipelines, storage tank farms, gathering and pumping stations, refineries and industrial plants. Cross-country pipeline activities include the installation of river crossings by the horizontal directional drilling technique.

During this period the Group rapidly diversified into other fields of construction and broadened its range of services to the industry to include water supply systems, sewage and waste water schemes, water pipelines, roads, highways, buildings, housing estates, hospitals, marina works, hotels and leisure facilities.

The skills, experience and resources gained over the period, combined with a proven track record of completed high quality work, enable the Zakhem Group of Companies to undertake major projects anywhere in the world.


Zakhem International Construction Limited is committed to operating a system of quality management which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000The company has developed a management system which ensures the following

Safe, economic and efficient methods of working. 

Compliance with Statutory Regulation and Codes of Practice.Compliance with contractual obligations and professional industry standards and practices.Adherence to program, budget and Client specifications.Maintenance of the company environmental policy. 

Maintenance of a high level of performance and professionalism by a regular review of staffing resources and training requirements.

Active pursuance of staff development as provision for future Company manpower requirements.

Constant improvement in methods of working. 

The implementation of the Zakhem International Construction Limited system of quality management is the responsibility of all employees.



The Zakhem cross-country pipeline experience dates back to the mid-sixties when it first mobilised to undertake the installation of 600 km of 16 inch and 8 inch diameter gas pipeline contract in Iraq. Since then, Zakhem have successfully completed a number of major oil and gas pipeline contracts around the world totalling in excess of half a billion US dollars. 

The Company’s first insight into major pipeline construction in Africa was the award of the Mombasa to Nairobi Oil Products Pipeline project for the Kenyan Pipeline Company Ltd. The works, completed within 13 months, entailed the installation of 425 km of 14 inch diameter steel welded, pipe inclusive of testing and commissioning. Later, in 1991, Zakhem installed the 450 km extension of this line from Nairobi to Kenya’s Western border with Uganda, and in I 992, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) awarded Zakhem its largest contract, the $230 million US dollars Pipelines and Depots Project Phase III, Contract 3.This turn-key contract comprised the detail design, procurement construction and commissioning of 832 km of 16,12 and 8 inch diameter oil pipelines, storage tanks, pump stations, ancillary works and the crossing of the river Niger by use of the directional drilling technique. 

In the Middle East Zakhem completed a number of major cross-country pipeline works — notably 110 km of 30 & 16 inch diameter gas pipelines for the Khuff Gas Field Development, Qatar 600 km of 42 & 16 inch diameter oil pipelines for the Messla Oil Field Development Project, Libya and 65 km of 30 & 24 inch gas pipelines from Dukhan oil fields to Abu Fontas power station. Recent works include the replacement of the 30 inch Khuff Gas Pipeline Project for Qatar General Petroleum Company.The original line was installed by Zakhem in the mid seventies but in this “turn-key” contract the replacement work comprised engineering, procurement and construction of 40 km of 30 & 16 inch diameter steel welded pipes together with instrumentation, telecommunications and ancillary works. 

Zakhem have executed several major contracts for water and wastewater distribution systems in the Middle East, Africa and America — namely the Mombasa & Coastal Water Supply Project where over 182 km of 32 inch diameter ductile iron pipeline was installed a wastewater & irrigation scheme for the city of Jubail in Saudi Arabia where 40 inch diameter asbestos cement pipes and 16 inch diameter welded pipes were laid ;the 76 km 56 & 30 inch Chania to Thika water supply steel welded pipeline, Kenya and recently various water pipeline works in the Lebanon and similarly in Texas, USA, for the City of Houston.

civil engineering

Zakhem civil engineering project teams are structured to deliver a combination of engineering aptitude, sound control systems and good management skills to a number of schemes that cover water supply, sewage and wasrewater, marina works, infrastructures and trunk roads/highways and associated structures. 

A number of water supply projects have been executed and these include the Aguthi. Litein, Ndia and Nyakach water supply schemes in Kenya Iju and Isashi water rehabilitation projects in Nigeria the Fuijeira.Ajman and Sharjah water schemes in the UAE and a number of others such as the Baalbeck water supply in Lebanon. Construction included concrete reservoirs, treatment facilities, pump stations and metering control systems. 

The Group has participated in many major road and bridge projects throughout Africa, Middle East and USA. Among these, are the contracts Zakhem won in 1984 to rehabilitate the war stricken roads between Beirut and other principal towns of Lebanon. Over $100 million US dollars of road reinstatement was carried out and included all underground services, overhead supplies and infrastructures. Recent work in Lebanon includes 75 km of new bitumen roads in Beirut and New Byblos City. In Africa Zakhem have completed a number of road works that includes among others the 54 km Mwanza highway in Tanzania, with its eight reinforced concrete bridges and box culverts. In Botswana 200 km of urban and rural roads have been completed inclusive of widening of city roads and roundabouts, upgrading of drainage system, paving of pedestrian areas and resealing of existing roads for the city of Gabarone. Similar work was executed in Kenya and included the 70 km new Kisii to Chemosit road project. 

Other civil work includes a new marina complex constructed to provide moorage and fuelling facilities for 44 boats together with two swimming pools,a beach club and lounging areas as part of the Riviera Hotel extension in Lebanon. Plus the development and construction of the Parque Da Floresta Golf Complex in the Algarve, Portugal comprising 18 hole golf course, club house, roads and all related infrastructure set in 300 acres of rural land. 

Mechanical engineering

This section covers Zakhem's participation in the design, supply and construction of major mechanical and industrial engineering projects. During the past three decades the Group has developed extensive experience in the erection of storage tank farms, industrial plants, refinery related work, pumping stations and fire fighting systems for the petrochemical sector. Zakhem's performances in meeting the three objectives of quality. time and budget in such works has encouraged many of its clients to place repeat contracts for similar work.

The following lists a selection of major projects satisfactorily completed: 

-Colombo Refinery Tank Farm, Sri Lanka — work comprised erection of 54 storage steel tanks of    varying capacities. 

-Shames Gas Project,Abu Dhabi, UAE — erection of desuiphurisation and dehydration plant and associated equipment. 

-Zawiya Refinery Storage Tanks, Libya — erection and testing of 55 tanks and two spheres of varying capacities ranging 250 to 45,000 cu. m. 

-Horns and Banias Refineries & Tartous Oil Depot, Syria — erection, testing and piping connections of several storage tanks, all on "turn-key" basis. 

-Tazama Pipeline Company, Tanzania — transfer. construction and remodernisation of a crude oil pumping station in Dar Es Salaam, on "turn-key" basis. 

-Mombasa Petroleum Storage Facilities. Kenya — erection of five 330,000 barrels storage tanks with all associated works, instrumentation and commissioning. 

-NNPC Pipelines & Depots Project Phase III. Contract 3, Nigeria — as part of this contract, two major depots were designed, supplied and constructed, comprising a total of 31 steel tanks amounting to over I 78,000 cu. m.


The Group has continued to expand and develop its operations in this area of construction and over the years has compiled an impressive portfolio of completed projects that include residential, commercial, medical and educational developments. In addition, the Company has been active in luxury-related developments of hotels, golf course complex facilities, resorts and other leisure schemes. 

Zakhem have undertaken refurbishment building works particularly in Europe, where the markets are currently considered favourably, Such work requires high quality co-ordination, control and supervision and Zakhem are organised to undertake work in this sector 

The listed projects that follow are a small variety of successfully completed developments:

-Vihari Housing Scheme, Pakistan — this was the founding contract of the Group in 1962, and comprised construction of two housing colonies of 400 homes in total on the Indus Basin. 

-Social Security Building, Baghdad, Iraq — offices for the Directorate of Social Security, comprising 29,500 sq. m. of gross area. 

-Oak Center Office Park Development,Texas, USA — suite of offices in the Arlington area of Texas. 

-Endell Street Hostel, UK — refurbishment of existing building into a 167 bed students hostel including reception, kitchen, wardens flat dining & lounge areas. 

-Intercontinental Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya — construction of a 200 room 5 star beach hotel with fall facilities, health club, casino and conference rooms. 

-Old Brompton Road, London, UK — construction of 40,000 sq. ft. of mixed use building of offices, clinic, residential and underground parking. 

-Various Housing Estates, London, UK — luxury houses in Wimbledon.

-Parque Da Floresta Complex, Portugal — "deaign and build", development of 300 acres into an 18 hole golf course, real estate, commercial and leisure facilities. 

-Copthorne Hotel, Slough/Windsor, UK — construction of a 219 room, 9 storey hotel with conference facilities, health club, swimming pool, 2 levels of underground parking for 300 cars. Completed in just 17 months. 

-Beirut University College. Byblos, Lebanon — this new university comprised a complex of several teaching and administrative blocks, sports facilities and all relative infrastructure works. Phase 2 includes medical centre, 200-bed hotel, library and humanities building. 

-Kensington Gore, London. UK — five luxury apartments to a high quality on 6 levels, fully equipped and air-conditioned located in a prime area. 

-St.Georges Hospital Extension, Beirut, Lebanon — medical teaching hospital expanded to provide 400 patient beds, 10 operating theatres, doctors clinics etc with an overall construction area of 35,000 sq. m.