Increase Control, and Reduce Cost.

SGS Energy Management provides affordable management and control of energy devices in small to medium sized buildings with metering, schedules, analytic and alarms. These controls substantially lower the total cost of ownership of buildings and their systems by reducing their energy and maintenance costs immediately and into the future.


Energy Management and Control
SGS Energy Management connects you to your home or office from anywhere in the world through our cloud and your smart device or computer.


Open Platform of WiFi Devices
SGS Energy Management enables WiFi communication to a rapidly expanding ecosystem of thermostats, lights, plugs, locks, cameras and more.


Affordable for all Businesses and Buildings
Intelligent solutions for buildings big and small with powerful and intuitive interfaces and apps.


Build Recurring Customer Contact with Cloud Services
SGS Energy Management  gives control and management to you and your customers.


Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership
Save on building energy, maintenance, operations and capital expenditures.

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