Awaken LED Lighting - Rx2 Roadway Light
Awaken LED Lighting - Rx2 Roadway Light 3


Ideal as a cost-effective roadway and area light for developing countries.

Slim and light design with fewer components and electronic circuit optimization, ensures minimal failure rates.

Integrated surge protection.

Ideally suited as a direct replacement for traditional lamps.

No external driver ensures no electronic interference and easier installation.

Energy efficient design, minimizes light pollution.


Exterior design prevents dirt and dust accumulation, and washes away with rain.
Extremely light weight for a streetlight allows for easy installation and maintenance.
Unique design without external power--advantaged in EMC and EMI.
The service life is more than two times longer than a traditional lamp, greatly reducing energy and maintenance costs.
Engineered optics ensures even illumination without hot-spots or glare.
Bright light coverage eliminates shadows, emulating daylight to enhance safety.
Tenon Mount, Direct Mount optional.

Awaken LED Lighting - Rx2 Roadway Light