Company Profile

Since 1995, RETRO Construction Company Limited has grown to become a leading construction and engineering firm, in both fields of public and civil works. RETRO Construction has branches all over Nigeria. The head office is located in Rivers State and four other branches in Abuja, Benin, Kano and Lagos. RETRO Construction Co. Ltd. was founded in Nigeria with talented members of the engineering profession, where through the years the company developed into one of the most dynamic construction, design and engineering firms in Nigeria. RETRO focuses on effective collaboration and win-win solutions. We welcome projects of all sizes and are committed to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer. RETRO has diversified by developing construction expertise in a wide range of areas. We are active in both government work and in the private sector and adjust our.

RETRO Construction is one of the most experienced general contractors in Nigeria. But what does that mean to you? It means we provide the same high level of commitment to each and every client. Over the years, the company has acquired broad expertise in its fields of work. Its qualified staff and up-to-date design, construction and management systems, supported by extensive experience allow the company to deliver works of high quality and enable the client to obtain high value for their money. Whether it's a N200 million-community project that represents a shared dream and years of fundraising, or a N600 million factory that must be completed faster, better and safer than the competition, we are driven by each owner's specific goals. Delivering top value for every project is the foundation of our business.

Business NAture

  • Superstructure and Design : Public and Private Building, Hotels, Hospitals, Secretariats, and Military Camps and Design. 

  • Infrastructure and Design: Pilling, Dredging, Canalization, Highways, Roads, Prestressed and Reinforced Bridges, Tunnels and Design. 

  • Oil & Gas: Supply/Drilling of Oil/Gas Wells, Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Parameter Security Operation. 

  • Mechanical/Electrical Works and Design: Heavy Duty Workshop Mechanical Repairs, Spare Parts Supply, Generators Supply/Maintenance/Repair, & Medical Equipment Supply/Maintenance, Solar/Wired Electrification, Construction of Solar/Gas/Generator Power Plants. 

  • Environmental/Water/Waste Water Works and Design: Water supply, irrigation, Drainage Schemes, Waste Water Treatment Pants, Waste Management Services, Street Cleaning and Solid Waste Collection/Recycle, Construction and Operation of Urban and Industrial Waste Landfill. 

  • TRADING: Services/Supply of Security equipment, Parameter Security, Fire Protection & Fire Control and Design. 

quality management

The company has established quality management standards, ensuring that the services provided conform precisely to international norms and client\'s requirements.
Today, RETRO thru its fully experienced, qualified and skilled expatriate and local personnel has grown to become one of the most trusted, heavily equipped, and most efficient company in Nigeria. The company undertake today the execution of different type of projects in the construction, environmental, trading, and design industry in various part of Nigeria in the amount of at least Five Billion Naira (=N=5,000,000,000.00) with such clients as EPC, FHA, Rivers State, Bayelsa State, Yobe State, Zamfara State, Kano State, Custom Nigeria, NDDC, Private Companies such as Bauhaus International, Papod Breweries, Glass Force, Frontline Marine Services, Cops International Services, Buzgenda International etc...

RETRO has chosen also to expand its financial investment in Nigeria thru establishing other businesses such as:

  1. Milling/Grinding/Producing factory for oil servicing/construction/industrial companies. The company is CMCT Technical Services located in No.64 Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt.
  2. Security Services and Supply: Protectron Concept Ltd. Located in Abuja, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Qatar.
  3. Marine/Dredging/Generator Services: FMSNL. Located at 121 Aba Road. Port Harcourt.
  4. Electrical parts/Appliances/Telecomunication/Internet/ Services and Supply: Sabmatic Nig. Ltd located at Kano. 
  5. Agricultural/Construction/Oil/Fluids Supply: Isa Musa Gen. Ent. Located at No.10 Miller Road, Kano.

Our Company operation is structured to make sure that the work is executed safely with all the quality assurance procedures and in compliance with HSE rules and regulations not forgetting the company heaviest investment on purchasing and maintaining new heavy duty machineries/ asphalt plants/crucshers and Dredgers.