Khouri Group Management Team

Welcome to our management team.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and become your lifetime-trusted advisors. Before we start working for you, you need to know a little more about us.

As you will read below, our team’s background is diverse; however, we all share the same passion for helping and serving our clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Our philosophy is simple: We take a proactive role to improve our clients’ projects using a best-in-class/best-in-practice approach.

Fahim H. El-Khoury – Owner - Chairman


In the early 1970, Mr. Fahim Khouri began F.K. Construction operations (FKC).  FKC has grown to become a leading construction and engineering firm and started a family tradition/legacy in the African and Middle Eastern construction industry.  From highway and heavy construction, this company quickly expanded into pipeline, industrial and building construction, both within the African Continent and throughout the Middle East.  FKC has six operating divisions:

  • Government

  • International

  • Commercial

  • Healthcare

  • Civil

  • Private

These divisions undertake the construction of: Commercial / Institutional / Condominiums / Office Buildings / Healthcare / Pipelines / Hotels / Sea Ports / Industrial Buildings / Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants / Infrastructure / Power / Energy

A strong history of successful design-build contracts has established the company as a leader in the design-build field.  As Managing Director of FKC, Fahim H Khouri is leveraging his experience and contacts, alongside of his son Hanna F Khouri and partners.


Philip H. El-Khoury – Owner - President


Mr. Philippe Khouri is a Lebanese-Nigerian businessman. He was born on Jan, 11, 1948 in Lagos, Nigeria. His father was Lebanese and had been living between Lebanon and Nigeria. After accomplishing his studies in Lebanon, he moved to work in Nigeria. With a long experience in steel industry and construction management, he succeeded in building a rich business portfolio. He is married to Mrs. Marie Antoinette Romain daughter of the influential businessman Mr. Habib Romain, and has four children. Some of the companies that he established or has been part of:

H.W. Romain & Sons Ltd. (Steel Construction), Arewa Tanneries Ltd. – Kano, Madratex Ltd. (PP Sacks & Mats) – Kano, FK construction-Lebanon, FK construction-Nigeria, Philko Limited – Nigeria, Philko Travel Agency, (GSA for Egyptair) – Abuja, Philko Air Ltd., (GSA for MEA Airlines) – Kano, Philko Petroleum Co. Ltd. – Nigeria, Philko Airlines Ltd. – Nigeria, Solphil Co. Ltd., (GSA for MEA Airlines) – Lagos, Akwa Minerals Nig. Ltd. (Bottling Co.) – Kano, Geo Services Nig. Ltd. (Drilling Co.) – Nigeria, Madratex Ltd. (PP Sacks & Mats Co.) – Kano, TWL Travel Agency Ltd. – Kano, Modern Kitchen Ind. Ltd., (Furniture Co.) – Kano.



Mr. Fahd El Khoury, a Canadian Citizen, is about 60 years old. He is richly experienced in Industrial Engineering with a vast experience of over 37 years; Fahd is internationally exposed in Commerce and Industry.

EL Khoury is also a Director of other Companies amongst which are the Nigeria Eagle Flour Mills Limited , Ibadan, Ideal Flour Mill Ltd. In Kaduna and Port Harcourt. He is currently serving on the Board of PREMONT INVESTMENT LTD.



Walid P. Khouri, Professional Engineer – Owner - Managing Director & Co-Executive Vice President


Master of Science, Structural Eng. & Construction Management - suma cum laude

Rutgers University- Princeton Program                                Piscataway, NJ  1997    

Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering - suma cum laude            

Rutgers University                              Piscataway, NJ  1995

Walid Khouri is born in Miziara, Lebanon on March 11, 1972. After completing his high school in Lebanon, he moved to the states in order to continue his studied. He is member of the Lebanese engineering syndicates of Lebanon and member of the Pre-stressed concrete institute (PCI), USA. Currently, He manages all the engineering activities of PHILKO limited in Nigeria. Also, he succeded in creating joint ventures with leading international companies in the field of Engineering.

A list of his Background works:

Tetra Gulf (, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-General Manager & Co-Partner, July 1999 – June 2003

Gulf Centre for Cleaning Equipment, Abu Dhabi, UAE-General Manager & Co-Partner, January 2003 – June 2003

Ingenieur-Und Tiefbau Ltd. (ITB), Abuja, Nigeria-Project Coordinator & Chief Engineer for National Assembly Complex of Nigeria in Abuja, August 1997 – June 1999


Hanna FAHIM Khouri – Owner - Director of Operations & C0-Executive Vice President

Master of Science, Geotechnical Engineering & Construction Management - suma cum laude

Rutgers University - Princeton Program                                                          Piscataway, NJ 2001-2003      

Bachelor of Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering - suma cum laude                         

Rutgers University                                                                                           Piscataway, NJ  1999-2001

Hanna is the Director of Operating of KHOURI GROUP.  Starting in early 2000, Hanna has build up his experience in Master Planning, Project Management, Engineering / Procurement / Construction, Design / Build and Operations both in the United States and Internationally.

Hanna has traveled extensively throughout the world, including the US, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South and Latin America, and West/Central/North Africa. He can provide a one-stop-shop of innovative and integrated engineering and construction services for land development and Infrastructure projects for private and public sectors around the world. He is well diverse and brings measurable value to any type of projects and/or conditions. He has assisted in coordinating and producing winning proposals, pre-qualification packages, and presentations; he has worked with economists, engineers, architects and planners to write effective resumes and project descriptions; has developed informative brochures; has coordinated with subcontractors on proposal development; has supported proposal managers and general marketing efforts; has lead the project and construction management efforts; has coordinated the design teams; has scheduled the procurement program; has insured proper operations; and most importantly, has been involved in challenging, political and outside the box projects. Seeing the opportunity to use his international experience and Arabic background, Hanna is using his experience as an expert in Public Relations, Networking, Time Management in worldwide market, preparing / scheduling / facilitating opportunities to heads of governments, investors, developers, privatizations, and branding.

  • Hanna also speaks fluently English, Arabic, and French and is eager to use his international background in his new endeavor.

Hanna has also been facilitating global commodities collaborating with a network of clients across multiple geographies and sectors. Oil excavation, refineries, and gas excavation companies has been a focus, however, he has been supporting, leading and implementing a new wave of LEED sustainable energy project since September 2009. Whether conducting seismic surveys, conducting exploration and development drilling studies, or work-over and completions, his ultimate goals are to increase production while tapping into the most important environmental source of our planet “Renewable / Innovative / sustainable / Efficient”. In addition, Hanna is always exploring various renewable energy technological opportunities.

  • Active Member, Florida Energy Pipeline Association (FEPA)

  • Active Member, Florida Structural Engineer Association (FSEA)

  • Active Member, ASCE International, NY Chapter, USA

  • Active Member, Trustee, Vice President, of Koyo Trading and Shipping Investment Group

  • Registered Professional Engineer, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, and Ghana

  • Technical Adviser for Construction, Allied African Nations Chamber of Commerce

  • 40 hrs OSHA Certified

  • ASHTO Certified


Houssam Fahim Khouri - Owner - VP / Director of Finance

With 12 years of experience in the field, Houssam reports to President; Oversee all financial operations and direct corporate financial planning and structure; Coordinate, analyze and report the financial performance to Management and Board of Directors (financial performance, projections and other special projects as required); Prepare short and long-term financial forecasts of financial performance for use with internal management and external parties; Oversee audit and tax functions, coordinate activities with outside audit firms and review firms performance; Develop, implement and maintain accounting and administrative policies and procedures for a wide-ranging set of activities including financial accounting and reporting, employee relations (hiring/terminating policies) and other corporate policies; Proficiency in all aspects of corporate accounting and all pertinent GAAP, SEC rules and regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance; Responsible for all corporate and human resource activities including employee benefits, retirement plans, corporate insurance and related activities. This includes the coordination of these activities with all satellite offices as well.


Hatem Fahim Khouri - Owner - VP / Director of Business Development

With 8 years of experience in the field, Hatem works to improve an organization’s market position and achieve financial growth; defines long-term organizational strategic goals, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals and maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions; work in a senior sales position within the company. His job is to work with the internal team, marketing staff, and other managers to increase sales opportunities and thereby maximize revenue for their organization. His team focuses on finding potential new customers, present to them, ultimately convert them into clients, and continue to grow business in the future; also help manage existing clients and ensure they stay satisfied and positive; calls on clients, often being required to make presentations on solutions and services that meet or predict their clients’ future needs.


Hikmat Fahim Khouri - Owner - VP / Director of Technology & Innovations

With 8 years of experience in the field, Hikmat, with a broad technical expertise in the organization's industry, is an expert in the areas of innovations, legal process, and technology; responsible for research, design and development of new service offerings and related technologies and processes for leading legal solutions; while staying abreast of legal precedent and technical advances, gathering market intelligence, leading technology evaluation efforts and competitive position. Hikmat holds a hands-on role including the evaluation, testing and implementation of the latest processes and technology solutions; this includes articulating the risk, profitability, and market advantage of adopting critical new processes and technologies and developing workflows required; which includes high profile leadership role that is focused on growth, innovation and the application of best in class technology solutions that serve our clients. Hikmat observes, gathers and organizes information to facilitate the competitive advantage and growth needed of the organization.


Hani El-Khoury - VP / Senior Director

Hadi El-Khoury - VP / Senior Director

Haissam El-Khoury - VP / Junior Director

Naji El-Khoury - VP / Senior Director

Nidal El-Khouri - VP / Senior Director


Charbel P Khouri - Owner - VP / Director of Master Planning & Architecture

Charbel Khouri was born in Miziara-Lebanon in a family that has been into the construction business for several decades. He lived most of his early life in Kano City, Nigeria. He attended the Lebanese American University (LAU) where he studied Interior Design and went for an extra one year to do Interior Architecture.

He later moved to Italy to continue his studies where he attained a Master of Architecture in Sustainable Architecture from Saint John International University (SJIU)in Torino.

In order to meet the business requirements of today's market, he joined Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid-Spain, one of the leading business universities worldwide, in early 2014 for a Master degree in Architectural Management and Design.

With a work background between Beirut, Dubai and Rome, he launched his architecture practice CHAK Architects in Nigeria.

Toni P Khouri - Owner - VP / Senior Director

Mr. Toni Khouri is born in Miziara, Lebanon on July 11, 1973. After completing his high school in Lebanon, he moved to the states in order to continue his studied in Business Administration at Rutgers University, New Jersey. He has been in the Nigerian market for almost two decades now. With his sociable character, Mr. Toni Khouri has a wide connection all over the world which offers an asset to PHILKO limited.

Josue Altomonte - OWNER - VP - Director of Global Accounts

Josue leads FKC’s activities such as portfolio analysis of key accounts, analysing key account information and key account planning (both short and long term). Responsible for management and oversight of all revenue cycle management (RCM) functions, which includes all aspects of the revenue cycle and the general functions of charge capture, coding, insurance identification, data entry, billing, payment posting, refund processing and collections. Collaborates activities between departments, assemble and analyze daily, weekly and monthly reports to assure proper staffing, work flow and high performance in all areas.

Josue has taken an active role on the board of directors of Khouri Group in assisting the company to expand the power sector and creating an investing arm that would sustain those efforts.

Eddie Tantoco - Vice President / Director of Hospitality

Eddie Tantoco, started a global consulting firm on June 1, 2012 to assist companies and investors achieve their business goals. Eddie has partnered with global investors and companies on this venture. Their goal is to create jobs and stimulate the global economy, especially in areas that will create a better world like renewable energy, technology, and medical projects.

Eddie served as Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., from June of 2004 to May 31, 2012, is a graduate of the University of Maryland, also attended the Masters in Tax program at the American University, passed the CPA exam in Baltimore.
!Prior to joining Starwood, Eddie was with Marriott Corporation from 1986, went on to serve as Vice President of Host Marriott Corporation until 2001 when Eddie was elected as a partner with Meridian Investments, based in Boston and appointed as Vice President of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc., in 2004.

Eddie’s main passion in life is helping to educate homeless children and the children of our Fallen Soldiers and Law Enforcement officers because his philosophy in life is: “whatever it is you want in life is what you give to others”.

Since Eddie’s career success was achieved while working numerous jobs and going to school. He believes that education is the panacea to making the right decisions in life.

Eddie is an aspiring professional singer and his Mother recently told him: “Son, you will be in the business development world for a very long time...”

Robert H Bucher, Professional Engineer – Director of Power & Energy

Honeywell EXEC MBA Program:                                     STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Palo Alto, California
Bachelor of Science, Engineering Science:                        UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH, Guelph, Ontario

A market oriented CEO strategist with over 25 years of hands-on P&L experience with both large and small software, system, media and renewable energy companies. As CEO, of four NASDAQ and COO of a Fortune 50 NYSE traded companies, has established a consistently strong track record of bringing high growth, fast turnaround, a return to profitability, positive cash flow and customer confidence.

A highly successful builder of performance oriented teams and businesses. Uses economic results to drive products and services in high value global markets. A “known” game changer, who generates best in class shareholder value, maximizing the return on assets and investments and redefines the competitive landscape.

P&L responsibility of facilities in the EU (GmbH, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain), USA, Canada and Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Singapore) including the management and development of global organizations and employees in engineering, manufacturing and sales and marketing.

Robert runs the energy department policies regarding energy and safety. His responsibilities include the company’s renewable program, power production, energy conservation, energy-related research, waste disposal, and domestic energy production. He also directs our Asian division.

Stuart Ehrlich - Support Strategist - USA

Stuart served as the Chief Executive Officer, President of Quamtel Inc. Since August 2011. Stuart served as the President of CandoCorp., a private consulting firm focused on the telecommunications, finance, technology and entertainment industries. Stuart has been a Director of Quamtel Inc. since July 28, 2009. Stuart holds a Law Degree from Boston University and is a licensed attorney in Massachusetts. Stuart is responsible for assisting the Director of Operations with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. Stuart’s responsibilities consists of part leader and part doer. Stuart is an experienced visionary; an experienced executive with the responsibility of ensuring that execution supports the strategy elements. His unique background takes a multitude of different operating experiences, which includes being both a creative thinker and influential collaborator. Stuart has worn many hats before at a variety of companies and agencies.


Claude Moraitis - Director of Engineering & Design

With 37 years of experience in the field, Claude ensures a safe and comfortable environment for staff, patients, visitors and physicians; establishes and implements communication mechanisms which communicate projects, their changes and scope in a timely manner; establishes programs and systems to optimize the life, efficiency and reliability of the plant and equipment; establishes safety standards that are closely adhered to by all staff, patients, visitors, physicians and contractors; manages the project process for the successful execution of specific projects to ensure financial (budget) and facility compliance with plans; monitors and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, organizational standards and policies and procedures related to areas of responsibility; oversees the day-to-day operations of respective department to provide consistent quality service to internal and external customers; participates in or heads group planning meetings to ensure collaboration across departments to facilitate an integrated/coordinated effort. Uses written and verbal communication for ongoing project follow up; provides leadership and direction to Planning, Construction and Support Services departments, including Plant Operations, Planning and Construction, Safety and Security; works effectively with departmental leadership to develop recommendations for expansion/renovation of existing space and the development of additional facilities.


Mohamed Ali - Director of Site Operations

Mohamed is responsible for leading and managing our team of professionals to deliver exceptional results for public and private clients by planning, directing, coordinating, and providing general oversight for multiple construction projects simultaneously. He is also responsible to identify opportunities, develops proposals, and finalizes contracts for civil construction projects to generate profits and enhance the reputation of FKC. 


Peter Irving - Director of global Business Development

For over 25 years, Peter Irving has gained extensive experience and knowledge within the technology, media, property management and construction industries; with roles spanning from operations, management to executive. With concentrated efforts within the sustainable and renewable sectors, ranging from consumer, commercial and and industrial applications.



Operations Team

Walid P Khouri - Ex-VP / Managing Director

Hanna F Khouri - Ex-VP / Director of Operations

Hikmat F Khouri - VP / Director of Technology & Innovations

Charbel P Khouri - VP / Director of Master Planning & Architecture

Josue Altonomte - VP / Director of Global Accounts

Robert Bucher - Director of Energy, Oil & Gas

Eddie Tantoco - VP / Director of Hospitality

Claude Moraitis - Director of Engineering & Design

Mohamed Ali - Director of Site Operations

Djibom Esseh - Director of MEP

Robert Lawson - Director of Construction & Document Control


Business Development Team

Makido Kabore - Director of Business Development - Burkina Faso

Ganemtore Kabore - Director of Business Development - Burkina Faso

Mamadou Kone - Director of Business Development - Ivory Coast 

Seyi alex Hamah - Director of Business Development - Nigeria 

Alove Edoh - Director of Business Development - Togo

Martin Kwame- Director of Business Development - Ghana 

Djibril Mamadou - Director of Business Development - Niger 

Afoutou Wilfreed - Director of Business Development - Gabon

Don Hinst / Power Network Group - Director of Business Development - South Florida/LED Division

Robert Bucher - Business Development - South Florida / Energy Division





Architect IME NKANGA AKPAN B. Tech
Chief Program Manager CLAUDE MORAITIS M. Sc. Civil
Chief Quantity Surveyor OYEBANJO OYESUJI B. Sc. Q/S
Hydrographic/ Land Surveyor ALBERT GBADEBO OMOBA HND Land Surveyor
Mapping Designer/Surveyor DESMOND ABORE B. Sc. Urban Planning
Senior Building Engineer PAUL DOMMIT B.Sc. Civil
Senior Foreman GODWIN IDIKWU Tech
Senior Foreman YAKUBU B.O. Building Tech
Senior Controller YASSER HAMRA Civil Engineer
Senior Engineer MOHAMMED HALLAL Civil Engineer
Senior Engineer AHMAD HUSSEIN ZEIN Civil Engineer
Senior Engineer EGBUKOLE CHIBUKE B. Tech
Senior Superintendent KASSAB MUSTAPHA Civil Engineer