• Mobile MaxPure Fresh Water Unit
    • 4 stage filtration system capable of pumping and purifying up to 30,000 gallons/ 113,500 liters of freshwater per day.
  • Mobile MaxPure Brackish Water Unit - Reverse Osmosis
    • 3 stage filtration system plus reverse osmosis capability to pump and purify up to 5,000 gallons/ 19,000 liters of brackish water
  • Mobile MaxPure Sea Water Unit - Reverse Osmosis
    • 3 stage filtration system plus reverse osmosis capability to pump and purify up to 3,000 gallons/ 11,350 liters of sea water


  • On-site set up in less than 30 minutes.
  • Transportable by truck, boat or helicopter.
  • Designed to easily ship in international containers.
  • Rugged, easy to use all marine grade components.
  • Delivers an average of 30,000 gallons of purified water per day, entirely from sunlight (freshwater source).

Aquaculture plays an important role in Africa as depleting wild fish stocks globally are affecting local production and consumption. Consequently, economies in several of the eighteen (18) West African countries depend on seafood products for up to forty (40%) percent of their export revenues and are searching for sustainable ways to maintain production levels. In addition, there has been a growing problem with pirate fishing as the people have become desperate for work.

Khouri Group and its partner’s Aquatic Concepts International revolutionary concept in hydroponic symbiotic pacu fish farming will alleviate this epidemic. The technology is proven to be the most sustainable and profitable way in aquaculture today. As of 2012, the United Nations Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization (“IREO”) officially recognizes ACI’s hydroponic symbiotic pacu fish farming as a technology that will help prevent world hunger as it rapidly evolves to the gold standard in a sustainable source of fish for worldwide consumption.
Khouri Group’s team of hard working experts in biology and experienced technicians in aquaculture will ensure a professional and successful operation utilizing state of the art technology.


We provide an Integrative concept of hydroponic pacu farming in conjunction with hydroponically growing fruits and vegetables as a feed and commodity.
We will provide creative methods that will work for different areas and allow fish farming to be both profitable and environmentally beneficial to the local area and environment.
Only nutrient-enriched water and sunlight is used.
Farm raising of the fish in the greenhouse water makes the operation more productive.
The farm’s main purpose is to raises pacu (pioractus mesopotamicus).
Pacu is tolerant of low-oxygen conditions and can be raised indoors year-round.
The fish is mild-tasting and subtly sweet, comparable in flavor to bluegill.
Production of the fruit pacu eat will be in excess of what is required to feed the pacu.
This will result in the abundant bounty to be sold for human consumption.


Our proprietary system eliminates nitrates in the water.
Elimination of nitrates in the water translates to no nitrates in the flesh of the fish. This process changes the quality of farmed fish and eliminates stigma of farmed fish. Yielding greater value (higher yields, better wholesale position at lower costs).

KHOURI GROUP introduces the future of Solar Power.

The First Base Load 24 / 7 Solar Thermal Power Generation with a unique Solar Energy Storage System which will provide the most Efficient, Low Cost Deployment and Minimal Impact Solar Array using GE Energy highest performance Power Turbine. This system provides Fast Schedule, Long term Reliability, and Bankable.

Next Generation Renewable Energy

  • Solar with high efficiency, lowest environmental impact and competitive ~ $4 per watt turn key solution
  • Solved the solar battery, only solution with viable 24/7 operating capacity
  • Key suppliers; GEEnergy, SHECEnergy, and NovoSOL
  • rojects Solutions

Ground Floor Opportunity

  • 1st in ground “Real” solar power plant
  • Investment secures equity in the technology and creates domestic manufacturing opportunity

The Solar to Steam to Power cycle

Solar to Steam – drives Day Time Power and builds steam battery for Night time Power via Steam Turbine Generator

Khouri Group Green Technologies - Solar to Steam Power Cycle

KHOURI GROUP works with is a proven traceless biometric technology that uses a combination of facial recognition (a picture of your face), algorithmic codes, and a unique identifying code on your ID card to authenticate a person simply, accurately, and in real time. Khouri GroupTraceless Biometric System can be implemented immediately with existing software technology and infrastructure. It requires no education to the consumer.


The ONLY solution in the market that has 3 key factors:

  1. NO centralized database or storage of personal information means no privacy or legal issues
    Every other biometric technology stores people’s body parts (finger prints, DNA, eyes, hands) in a database monitored by both government and private sector. This becomes a big problem when personal information is lost, manipulated or stolen. In every democratic country, THIS database problem raises enormous legal, privacy and constitutional problems and is the controversy.
  2. Most Accurate: Innovya is .0025% accurate compared to fingerprints at 96-99%. Fingerprints can be faked, manipulated, stolen and lifted to incriminate other people. Recently, Israeli scientists have recreated DNA showing that DNA can also be faked and manipulated. Innovya is more accurate than these measures and cannot be faked or manipulated.
  3. Real-Time: Innovya will authenticate a human immediately as that true human being.
    What does the Khouri Group Traceless Biometric offer?
    The Traceless Biometric system offers a secure, cost-effective biometric identification system by eliminating the need to store biometric images of millions of individual body parts characteristics on databases. Therefore, offers a cost-effective, secure biometric technology which will dramatically reduce Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud.


Nearly everywhere you imagine. You will start to see its application everywhere. The focus is on the following markets:

  • Government (Passports/Identification cards/Visa/Immigration/Driver’s LicenseMilitary/Police/Jails)
  • Banking
  • Airports
  • Internet
  • Credit Cards
  • Corporate Security
  • Hospitals

Khouri Group Tactical & Security Services specializes in international government specific security curriculum. Services include a comprehensive delivery of training requirements, procedures, and standards tailored to the host government’s military professionals directive in the conduct of unilateral, joint, and combined operations for all intensities of conflict.

Khouri Group Tactical and Security Services is a global risk management and Security consulting firm. We focus in many arenas, including national and international security, economic well-being, health, environment, and public infrastructure. Our expertise in defense, security, logistics, transportation, technology, engineering, and analytics helps us serve a broad constituency of clients. Khouri Group Tactical & Security Services major clients include global corporations in the defense, construction, health, energy, and financial services sectors. These clients face a wide range of complex and pressing challenges such as combating global terrorism, improving cyber capabilities, transforming the healthcare system, improving energy usage, and protecting the environment. To address these challenges, our approach is that of a trusted and long-term partner. We deliver objective, trusted advice to our clients via expert analysis rooted in deep domain knowledge and functional expertise. Our collaborative culture also helps ensure the delivery of highly responsive services to clients who must respond to emerging trends, evolving missions, and changing market conditions. Throughout our contract engagements, our people work to develop a holistic understanding of the issues and challenges facing our clients. These insights are gathered and analyzed so that we can ensure our advice helps our clients achieve results that endure. We support major programs in logistics, contingency operations, and training to reinforce security, community stability, and the rule of law in some of the most unstable and austere environments in the world. We maintain agreements with numerous countries throughout the world to deliver NATO and Non-NATO equipment, technologies and capabilities to US and allied nations. Khouri Group Tactical & Security Services’ partners are compliant with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) and Section 38 of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (“AECA”) and works within the provisions of ITAR and the AECA while conducting everyday business operations.

  • Khouri Group Tactical & Security Services commitment is to support a host government’s mission to enroll, screen and train a competent military and law enforcement capability.
  • In line with this critical objective, Khouri Group Tactical & Security Services offers Military and Education Training through a National Security Cooperative Program (NSCP) that is custom tailored to mission task. Our Military and Education Training programs meet individualized and distinct requirements. They incorporate essential courses that cover all topics and skill areas required by both military officers and enlisted personnel and civilians. The curriculum theme is designed to include multiple basic, advanced, and specialized training modules.
  • Khouri Group tactical & security Services provides a two fold program.
    • Section I highlights initial steps for program implementation.
    • Section II defines the course and content of each module that is structured to establish and improve the capabilities of military personnel in their respective roles.
      • Please note that all modules specify the length of training schedules for each course and most indicate the number of trainees per trainee group.

Khouri Group develops turnkey systems for remote monitoring and control applications. Khouri Group leverages leading edge technologies along with proprietary designs to bring to market best in class solutions at competitive prices. From requirements specification through dashboard development and system implementation, Khouri Group will design system solutions that meet customers’ requirements. Khouri Group has developed systems with applications in:

Real Time Energy Management
Optimized Irrigation
Motor Efficiency Tracking

Oil & Gas
Asset Tracking
Power Generator Remote Monitoring and Control

Oil & Gas Remote Sensing Applications

Khouri Group designs and builds self sustainable networks of wireless sensors for real time monitoring applications in the Oil & Gas industry. The collected data is archived in a database, analyzed, reduced and presented in an application-specific dashboard with multi-user and multi-privilege access. The sensor network interfaces with existing equipment via wired or wireless industry standard protocols. Self-sustainable solar-charged battery-powered sensors are available for applications where there is no access to electric power. The wireless network uses mesh topology that allows for low cost extension of the range of the wireless network. Ethernet to wireless gateways are used to maximize reliance on any existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Sensor Application Sensor Netwok Functionality
Temperature Interface to Existing Systems
Pressure Data Logging
Vibration Event Logging
Gas Detection Alert Messages
Personal Location Motor Control
Chemical Detection Initiate Video
Moisture System Interrupts
Electric Current, Voltage, Energy Remote Login
AC Motor Custom Reports
Presence / Proximity Multi-User Dashboard
Fluid Level Multi-Priveleged Access
Security Latches

KHOURI GROUP engages in real estate development projects with a singular goal: To make every endeavor successful and mutually beneficial for the Owner, the Developer, the Lender, the Municipality, and the Occupants. KHOURI GROUP facilitates successful and cost-effective real estate development projects by providing a comprehensive portfolio of associated services, including:

Development Feasibility Analysis
Project Management and Contractor Coordination Development Financials and Schedule Planning Entitlement / Zoning and Planning Approvals Property Alternate-Use Scenarios
Property and Structure Valuation
LEED Consultancy

The KHOURI GROUP team strives to ensure that every property is developed in the best possible manner in accordance with its intended use, maximizing profits while minimizing financial and scheduling risks. We cultivate market intimacy and leverage local relationships in order to deliver the optimal package of services for any real estate development effort.

KHOURI GROUP unites expertise across multiple disciplines to ensure that no aspect of any project becomes disconnected from the others, ensuring optimal coordination and streamlined scheduling. All services are provided with a specific focus on delivering an unmatched level of local knowledge, expertise, and personal networking in all regions and municipalities.

HFK Shaolin Resort developed by FK Development Company will be a fully sustainable luxury resort hotel, wellness spa and fractional residence project in the Western African Continent and ecological paradise of the Togolese coast. HFK Shaolin Resort offices are in Togo and USA, and the project will be micro-managed by a local team out of our Lome office and macro-managed by our USA office. HFK Shaolin Resort has brought in the Shaolin Temple of China as a strategic Alliance to assist in the planning and execution of the healing and wellness program. HFK Shaolin Resort owns the rights to a 20-acre parcel of land (the “Property”) in Lome’s tourist destination area, The Lac Togo, and has received full governmental approvals to develop the full 20-acre of Lake-front for a resort currently referred to as HFK Shaolin Resort Sustainable Sanctuary and Wellness Retreat (the “Project”). The site is very unique in the fact that the Lake is connected to the ocean which makes it easy to access the beach. HFK Shaolin Resort is in close proximity to the international airport and the Port of Lome.

KHOURI GROUP also provides environmental consulting services in the fields of earth sciences and engineering, resource management, capacity building and institutional development. KHOURI GROUP markets itself as highly professional consultants with local and international experience. KHOURI GROUP aims at positively shaping ecological, social and municipal development, thereby improving people’s living conditions and their habitat. KHOURI GROUP staff has performed projects funded by a range of institutions such as European Union, World Bank, United Nations, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine (France), local authorities and the private sector.

KHOURI GROUP has a well-earned reputation in project management, rural and community development, capacity building and institutional strengthening, master planning and infrastructure works.

KHOURI GROUP provides service in the following areas:

Environmental Management, Assessment & Remediation Solid Waste and Medical Waste Management Wastewater Management
Training & Awareness
Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening Infrastructure Management
Project Management
Water Resources Management
Feasibility studies
Site assessments
Asbestos, lead and mold assessment
Green building consulting including energy audit Carbon footprint analysis
LEED assessment
Construction/project management
Geographic Information System services Due Diligence Site Assessments and Investigatory Services
Remedial Services
GIS & Utility Management
Air Quality Control
Hazardous Materials
Environmental Compliance


Khouri Group is a global organization leading efforts to harness technology for a healthy world by providing total solutions in many critical environmental pillars, including clean water, solar, wind, and clean energy and sustainability. They are a forward –looking company using the latest innovative technologies.

Through a growing variety of strategic partnerships Khouri Group provides customers in Industry, Government and Public Utilities with solutions that save money, reduce the client’s energy footprint, and help create sustainable alternative energy solutions for the client from the application of advanced green technologies. Their friendly collaborative approach allows our customers to be fully engaged in the recommended solution process thereby facilitating effective and ongoing partnering for sustainability.

Automated Building Energy Management Systems
Clean Drinking Water For All
Energy Assessment
Helping Solve the Growing Water Crisis
Solar Power Systems Integration

Khouri Group provides technologies that enable the construction of monolithic precast concrete affordable housing, mixed-use developments and other habitable structures at lower costs, in substantially less time with superior quality. Khouri Group technologies and products generate healthier lifestyles, new learned skills and improve the environment by leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Sustainability

Clean air/fresh air circulation designs
Environmentally compatible
Incorporation of renewable energy life expectancy
Maintenance free structures with 100+ year
Minimal drain on local and natural resources
Minimal requirement for generated energy
Virtually maintenance free

Why Monolithic Concrete?

Dimensional precision
Earthquake, mold, mildew and force resistant
Exact replication
Hurricane proof
Insect/pest proof
Leak proof
Long life: 100+ years, 20 year warranty

Key Markets That Can Benefit

Affordable single family housing Commercial facilities Educational facilities
Hotels and motels
Low cost worker and mixed income housing Military housing and facilities
Mixed use developments

Local Community Involvement & Improvement

Creating jobs by expanding employment opportunities
Providing better and safer housing
Enhancing individual work skills and capabilities
Improving the local economy
Setting the foundation to improve education and social services

Khouri Group also supplies of pre-engineered steel buildings and conventional buildings for commercial, industrial and residential building projects.

Khouri Group supplies a wide range of building projects. From conventional steel buildings, to custom design steel frame structures supporting block, stucco, concrete finishes, and more. Khouri Group’s customers are business owners, architects, engineers, developers, home owners, and corporate purchasing directors. Khouri Group delivers projects, through their own Logistics worldwide. The foundation of success at Khouri Group is their in house customer service team, driven by service innovation, technology and product development.

Sports Recreation Buildings
Steel Airplane Hangars
Steel Church Buildings
Steel Crane Buildings
Steel Warehouse Buildings

Farm Equipment Storage
Government Steel Buildings
Horse Riding Arenas
Metal Farm Buildings
Metal Office Buildings Metal School Buildings

Khouri Group provides quantitative analysis of soil, water, and - more recently - air samples, as well as petroleum products. Consulting firms, industries, municipalities, universities, and the public sector depend on Khouri Group for quality analytical data deliverable in a timely manner. We've equipped our labs with state-of-the-art technology to automate analysis deliverable, ensure data accuracy, and make results readily available to clients through hard copy or electronic reports.

As Khouri Group grew in size and capabilities, it never wavered from its commitment to build trusted relationships with its clients based on personal communications, availability for emergency situations, and responsiveness. Volume discount prices, specialized analytical services, and expedited turnaround times underscore Khouri Group dedication to customer satisfaction. The advanced analytical instrumentation and improved processes employed reduce the time to completion and streamline the internal scheduling so it can respond more quickly. Khouri Group pro-actively works with agencies to modify and improve methods they devise, then help its clients implement these methods and comply with ever-changing regulations.

Throughout its history, Khouri Group has always been committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and protecting the environment, and continues to uphold that commitment to this day. Khouri Group offers its clients more than just analytical services. Client's needs are reviewed and customized service plans are developed. Some of these services include:

  1. Treatability Study Services
  2. Forensic Environmental Geochemistry Services
  3. Professional Opinion of Age determination of petroleum hydrocarbons
  4. Petroleum Fingerprint Evaluation
  5. 24 Hour Emergency Response
  6. Free Courier Services
  7. Free Sample Containers
  8. Free Rush Turn Around
  9. 7-10 day Standard Turn Around
  10. Online Services and data access electronically
  11. Electronic Data Delivery in a variety of formats

International Services

Khouri Group Partner has been granted a permit through the USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine authorizing the receipt and analysis of soils from other countries and U.S. territories. International shipment and analyses has been performed for several projects to date including Denmark, throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil and Africa.