Project: OSIKE Compound; Abuja, Nigeria 

Project Value: $150 Million

Client: OSIKE Development 

Scope of Work:


Khouri grou Green Technologies - Osike Development

The construction of a self-sustained community. 1000 homes, schools, parks, recreational centers, clinics... the out comes:
•Reflect cooperative behavior that puts people at the center of their business and not capital.
•Promote the welfare of participating members as the primary emphasizes
•Promote the Housing Development as a cooperative to engage in business activities that touch members e.g. schools building, credit.
•Promote the housing development to create jobs and empowerment for members within IMO, Nigeria
•Reflect a cooperative behavior that renders service rather than making profit yet all participating members will be profitable
•Reflect and promote a housing development that emphasizes mutual help instead of competition
•Enable participating members to garish the self-help instead of dependence
•Establishing a requirements-driven Team to meet the technical requirements of the design-build for 1000 homes