New Construction: State of the art Harbor; Lomé, TOGO

Project Value: $250 Million 

Client: Lomé Container Terminal (LCT) 

The project consists of the construction of a sand barrier and a harbor basin with several berths and a large container storage area. The building of this infrastructure will be carried out in two (2) phases. Phase I will consist of the construction of a 1,050 m-long dock wall looking inland with 3 docking places, and a 1,315 m-long dock wall facing the sea without equipment, as well as the preparation of a container storage area that looks inland (220,000 m2). The water depth in the inner harbor, the harbor basin and the access fairway will be at 16.60 m zero port.

Khouri Group Green Technologies - Lomé Container Terminal (LCT)

These building stages include the following works:
•Construction of a sand barrier (300 m long)
•Cleaning the natural ground
•Banking the existing area with sand with a thickness of about 2,00 m - Compacting the terminal surface after hydraulic backfill

•Surface compacting and preparation of the formation level
•Building of dock walls with equipment
•Foundations for the gantries and RTG cranes
•Opening of the main jetty at depth and along the new harbor basin and dredging of the harbor basin along the requested side
•Construction of miscellaneous road, rail and waterways network - Power feed for the terminal
•Arrangement of a storage area for dangerous products
•Construction of buildings and enclosures