Atmospheric Hydroxyls

FK Hydroxyls technology is the advanced solution for eliminating odors, decontaminating surfaces and purifying the air in your Governmental, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality or RV. Designed and built, the technology is a patented, chemical-free process that converts ambient moisture in the air into atmospheric hydroxyl radicals. 

Top 6 reasons to own our hydroxyl generator

  1. Bacterial Control–Demonstrated 2-5 Log reduc- tions

  2. Viral Control–Demonstrated 2-3 Log reductions

  3. Fungal Control–Demonstrated > 2 Log reduction (Aspergillus niger–most difficult to kill)

  4. VOCControl–Demonstrated ability to reduce and re- turn bio-available oxygen

  5. Patented Technology – Built in USA

  6. Recommended to be run in an occupied space