We are proud and privileged to introduce FKC as the one-stop-shop management and engineering firm with many years of experience in some of the most competitive and stringent construction markets in the world.  Although a recently startup company, FKC has had through its members and strategic partners a very successful history of projects worldwide.

There is a large need for professional firms such as FKC to help manage and successfully deliver high quality projects within budget and schedule.  Throughout the years, FKC members and affiliated partners strategically located around the globe have concerned ourselves with the interests of our clients.  By dedicating qualified and motivated employees in line with new developments and technology, we are able to create teams that are attentive to the needs of each project to consistently provide the quality workmanship and furthermore expand our company to new frontiers.  We are uniquely qualified in building teams of local companies to build local content.

Being an innovating and well-established company, we offer our customer the very best quality work and competitive prices along with the experience, manpower, problem-solving skills and corporate commitment in order to deliver client’s request and satisfaction whenever and wherever a project opportunity arises, locally in the US or elsewhere worldwide. 

We are in a business that is immensely satisfying and it is essential for us that each project, from start to finish, is approached with the same concern that we would have if we were building it for ourselves.  Therefore, we empower our employees to take ownership of every project, and our projects are done right the first time.

With our diverse experience and our ambition to attain entrepreneurial goals, we stepped forward into the markets by founding subsidiaries, strategic partnerships, and joint ventures worldwide, thus establishing an enviable reputation in the engineering market.  However, we know that reputation alone will not maintain the confidence that others have in us. For that reason, job-by-job and year-by-year we will strive to continue the exceptional performance that enables us to provide quality workmanship for clients and owners worldwide.


FKC is committed to hard work, integrity, and dedication to the needs of our clients. These qualities have served us well during the previous years and will continue to do so in the coming ones. FKC knows the importance of providing a project which is not only cost effective but also of enduring quality.

Streamlined Operations & Team Approach

From its earliest stages, projects receive the benefit of the FKC team approach. FKC is committed to providing direct access to its people and its partners without unnecessary layers of bureaucracy. This team approach means that on-site experienced professional management can work directly with our clients to bring about the best solution to a problem or prevent one from happening, without needless delays. This direct access to decisive management and prompt action has been a cornerstone of FKC operations and is key to its continued success.

More than mere customers, our clients become an integral part of the process as we work together to develop the highest quality and the most cost effective solution to a project.  This integrated approach with our clients has served us well in the past. We believe it will be even more important in the future.