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About Khouri finance support team

As Private Placement Lending Facilitator, The Group specializes in raising capital for private companies, governments, and banking institutions in emerging markets to facilitate Trade, Revolving Lines of Credits and Project Financing on a short-term basis.
The Group collaborates with not only some of the leading financial institutions of the world, but also liaises with a well-defined network of various Boutique Banks, Private Finance Houses, and Equity Investment Firms, which have an appetite for emerging market debt not normally favored by mainstream lending institutions. In this new lending environment, The Group can introduce your project finance requests to our pool of various lenders at a no-fee cost to you. We can arrange funding against local bank guarantees on un-confirmed letters of credit with payment tenors.
With nearly 30 years’ experience in global trade and finance, we go beyond what most will do. The Group can also coordinate secured procurement and inspections of all products financed under our lending arrangement to respective vendors, arrange legal and clear title of goods, and coordinate all shipments to buyer’s country to ensure that what is financed makes it to the desired destination.
Come experience the creative means we offer as “The Bridge” in making your project become a reality.
Strategic Partnerships
The Groups’ business philosophies are based on high level of cooperation with local partners in each country. The companies are well known for their ability to form strategic partnerships that take into consideration market conditions, while evaluating opportunities to conquer new investments avenues.
Some types of funding we can secure and raise under These instruments include
-  100% financing against local Bank Guarantee (Short term and Long term)
-  Un-confirmed Letters of Credit payable 1 to 3 years after shipment of gods
-  Bank Notes, Time Drafts, Bills of Exchange
-  Financing arranged against Corporate Guarantee Notes (with approved credits)
-  100% funding against foreign ECA or Credit Insurance Guarantees
-  Public Sector Financing: 100% funding against Sovereign Guarantees or government- backed bonds
-  Re-financing of old debts against local Bank Guarantees (1 – 3 years tenor)
-  Cash payments made to vendors against Local bank Guarantees
-  U.S. Ex-Im Bank Guaranteed Loans
-  Overseas Private Investment Corp. – up to 10 year terms (applicant must be a U.S. company holding equity in a foreign joint venture) 

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Khouri Group Green Technologies - Financing-01 copy 2
Khouri Group Green Technologies - Financing-01 copy 2


Capital Market History


1. The process is quite simple. The client must have collateral in an amount agreeable to the primary bank that will issue the BG.
2. Once the borrower has met the bank's requirement the bank will send a letter to Khouri Group’s finance team stating they will issue their client (the Borrower) a bank guarantee for a prescribed amount of US Dollars.
3. Upon Khouri’s finance team receiving this letter from the credit department of the borrower's bank, Khouri’s finance team will answer that letter with a term sheet outlining the loan's modalities. 

The Groups enjoys its experience in the International capital markets which includes international IPO’s of real estate development companies, on NASDAQ (New-York), and AIM (London). 

The total projected sales of the groups’ real estate portfolio are estimated at 6.8 billions us dollars. The value of the natural resources controlled by the groups is estimated at 8 billions us dollars.