Aquaplete Whole house water filter completely reduces the bad tastes and odors of chlorine and chloramines without removing essential and health minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Transform your tap water into clean, great tasting water that will flow from every tap in your home. Save money and eliminate the hassle and waste of bottled water.

With a Aquaplete Whole-House Water System you can filter and condition all the water in your home with one system. Filter for clean delicious water, condition to prevent scale buildup form hard water.

Khouri Group Green Technologies -aquaplete

It is the atomic means of developing a NEW molecule that is far superior to its individual parts and was developed for a specific purpose.
In layman’s terms: It is the science of manipulating a molecule on the “NANO” level. It starts with coconut carbon which is heated to eliminate most gas and pollutants. This “active” carbon is then placed in the vacuum chamber of a plasma reactor where the air is slowly removed from the chamber. This causes the carbon molecule to not only be prepared for ionization, but expands the walls of the carbon molecule both internally and externally, thereby increasing its capacity for absorption increasing the surface area to volume ratio).

The carbon molecule is now ionized both externally and internally. Ionization breaks down the links (bonds) between carbon molecules and facilitates the subsequent chemical bonding (COVALENTLY) between carbon and pure silver. At the same time the carbon molecules are being vacuumed and ionized, in another portion of the plasma reactor, pure silver is being heated to a temperature that changes silver from a solid to a gaseous state. At the proper time the gaseous silver is introduced into the chamber with the carbon and essentially “coats” all surfaces of the expanded carbon molecules through the “COVALENT” bonding process. You have now created a “SUPER MOLECULE” of silverized carbon with the following properties:

1) Super sponge capabilities due to increased surface area (internally and externally)
2) Bactericidal abilities to kill bacteria, virus and protozoa found in wate
3) Increased oxygen content of water (about 20%)
4) Decrease in water temperature by approximately 2 degree
5) The ionized carbon can now absorb and eliminate more diverse pollutants than Normal carbon 

Properties 1 & 2 were the goals of Aquaplete when they started this nanotechnology process. Properties 3,4 & 5 were ”unexpected” GOOD by-products that occurred through this nanotechnology process and made the Aquaplete water filtration system even better!!!