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Allen Tactical & Security Consultants have provided security and intelligence support around the world to include Central Asia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa (29 countries), as well as Central and South America.  

Allen Tactical & Security Consultants (ATSC) understands the challenging issues that governments, companies, and individuals face 
when living and working in foreign environments - our teams have lived and worked in over 35 countries, speaking some 22 plus languages.

Foreign companies,  international businesses and NGO’s are increasingly being faced with security threats that cannot be handled by in house staff – lacking both the resources and the expertise.  We recognize the unique opportunity to establish a relationship that targets solutions for both companies and individuals. Our goal is to establish strong business relationships built on trust and transparency.

Allen Tactical and Security Consultants is a global risk management, security and intelligence firm focusing on solving complex security, analytical and technology issues as well as advisory services to leading governments, businesses and institutions around the world.

Allen Tactical and Security Consultants (ATSC) offer custom solutions to complex problems working with organizations, both public and private, providing results in an ever changing and complex world.

ATSC unlocks the capabilities of our clients to solve their global issues with practical solutions and results that ultimately release the potential for our clients to maximize their resources in a more effective manner.

Allen Tactical and Security Consultants moved its corporate office from Virginia in 2010 to Las Vegas, Nevada following engagements in both Afghanistan and the Middle East.  The move was prompted by virtue of working on the USA Capital case on behalf of our New York clients.  Our work in the UAV, communications space as well as our ability to provide desert-based training in support of U.S. Operational groups (military, law enforcement, as well as civilian security companies) made Nevada a particularly wise choice.

Allen Tactical and Security Consultants are in the process of applying for all State and Local licenses in the State of Nevada - until we receive all of our licenses ATSC will continue to work predominantly in an overseas capacity.

ATSC will be opening offices in Africa, Brazil and Turkey during calendar year(s) 2014/2015 to better serve our clients in those regions.

While our expertise spans multiple continents, our leadership’s 30 plus years experience working on the African continent is what gives our clients the competitive advantage.  ATSC has gained the respect and support of numerous countries and their leaders having lived and worked in over 22 countries.  In addition, the leadership team is fluent in 12 African languages and has completed over 100 trips to that continent in support of various governments and institutions (both public and private) in support of critical missions.