About Khouri Group

Khouri Group, our partners and tactical alliances leads the market as one of the world’s premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions, making us truly a ‘one stop energy efficient solution shop’. Having been in the Energy Efficiency industry for over 19 years the founders have established a solid reputation spanning 3 continents. We are different because we look at energy creation and energy saving from a “holistic” point of view, to provide our clients with total solutions. Our philosophy of “reduce before we produce” enables us to reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions and increase efficiency and savings through our ability to bundle several products and solutions.

KG taps the most important environmental source of our planet.... ZERO CARBON EMISSION 


KHOURI GROUP Leads the market as one of LEED’s premier advisors, designers , suppliers, and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions. We are essentially a ‘one stop green solution stop’. You will find us different because; we look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view; to provide our clients with a better - total solution. 

Consultation and Advice 

As one of only a few companies having international training, experience and accreditations, the KG team is well educated to deliver the best advice and supply the latest products. Training has come from the A.B.S.A (Association of Building Sustainability Assessors), B.E.R.S. Pro (Building Energy Rating System) software training, H.I.A. Greensmart Accreditation and local LEED membership and training. This keeps us focused on achieving total energy efficient solutions to benefit all parties.

Competitive Pricing 

To ensure our company’s competitive pricing edge, KG Solutions is backed by, and linked to an international buying group and Affiliated Distributors. This power in numbers enables the best brands at the right price, as our long term goal is to save you and your clients energy and money. We take pride in using quality, home-grown products wherever possible. We take delight in demonstrating that best practice does not necessary translate into higher costs and show that neutral costing or positive revenue can be achieved through green solutions.


Easy Finance Options 

We offer Easy Finance Solutions to assist Green product purchases, as savings made by using Energy Saving products can simply be redirected to finance the product purchase over time.

Such outcomes are achieved through sound consideration of elements including:

The clients brief of the nature of the building and how it will be interacted with, along with construction materials, aspect and orientation.

A long term perspective is taken with cost of installation vs cost of future operation, over laid with workplace health and safety considerations. Using our strength of understanding in our field we are able to achieve the best outcomes through the provision of alternative choices that meet the identified need.

Green Ethics 

To assist the local economy, the local green industry and reduce embodied energy content, we take delight in using quality home-grown products wherever possible. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that SUSTAINABLE practice does not translate into higher costs, but rather increased savings for the purchaser and the occupants of the building for many years.

State of the Art Showroom 

Why not make our staff and showroom facilities an extension of your business? Builders, business owners and home owners alike are encouraged to visit one of our state of the art showrooms, where we visually display and demonstrate the features, benefits and long term savings delivered through green products. Our facilities helps clients better understand the products resulting in long term savings for all parties.

Product range 

As long term suppliers of energy efficient products, we are acutely aware of the environment and performance requirements sought within each region. Just as the region and the needs of our client base are diverse, so too is our product range. What never alters is that our product range has been selected based on quality, reputation, proven performance and an underlying preference for products that are locally made. A culture of; “Judge us by the company that we keep” and evidence of our commitment to locally based products can be seen in several of our best name brand products below:

Solar Power (PV) Photo Voltaic–Grid tied and stand alone Solar Power products for home and business. RV, marine and camping options also available from the world’s leading PV suppliers, such as: Canadian Solar and Suntech.